• Former President, Heal the Bay
  • Former Trustee, The Wildwood School
  • Former Director, Youth Rescue Fund
  • Approving Children’s Contracts
    Expert on Coogan Law
  • Speaker Panelist Screen Actors Guild
    SAG Young Performers Committee
  • Counsel to A Minor Consideration
  • Helping Thousands of Children Obtain Affordable Medical Care
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Honored by the City of Los Angeles 

“Now, therefore be it resolved that by the adoption of this resolution, the Mayor and the City Council of the City of Los Angeles hereby congratulates Philip Boesch, Jr. for his years of service to Heal the Bay and acknowledges and commends him for his leadership during his term as President of the organization and his longstanding efforts on behalf of Los Angeles residents who benefit from clean coastal waters.”

“Philip Boesch’s leadership as President has sustained Heal the Bay as one of Los Angeles’ foremost environmental organizations, with a reputation for sound environmental policy and strong technical expertise.”

“Philip Boesch has worked tirelessly to restore and enhance Southern California’s waters through pollution reduction and regulatory compliance”
“During Philip Boesch’s term as president, Heal the Bay achieved numerous accomplishments including the adoption by the State Regional Water Quality Control Board of rigorous new standards to reduce coastal pollution, the completion of a multi-billion dollar sewage treatment facility at Hyperion, and successful litigation against the United States Environmental Protection Agency to enforce existing                                     coastal protection laws.”


Representing the Press

The Boesch Law Group has a unique relationship with the press and media attention. Representing the press and First Amendment Rights by writing the Judges’ Handbook on Media Access to the Courts; by representing twenty-six of twenty-seven news anchorpersons in the first case for cameras in the courtroom; by representing The Wall Street Journal, creating precedent for public access by representing the Radio & Television News Association in pursuit of many breaking stories. And protecting the privacy and rights of numerous celebrities in the public eye; from Anna Nicole, to Caitlyn Jenner, from rock stars to NBA Hall of Famers.



At its Board meeting on December 8, 2017, the TreePeople Board of Directors nominated and elected Philip Boesch as Chairman of the Board of Directors. TreePeople is the most visible environmental agency uniting the power of trees, people, and nature-based solutions to grow a sustainable future for Los Angeles. Since 1973, TreePeople has helped the people of Los Angeles plant the seeds for a more livable future by training and supporting communities to plant and care for trees, educating people about environmental issues, demonstrating sustainable solutions to urban ecosystem problems, and working with government agencies on critical water issues. With its mission to inspire, engage and support people to take personal responsibility for the urban environment by making it safe, healthy, fun and sustainable, TreePeople is a model for the world.

After years of advocating for a ban on single-use plastic bags, Heal the Bay and environmental supporters rejoiced as Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa signed a city-wide ban on plastic bags on June 26, 2013. The non-profit organization devotes their time and efforts to protecting the economic, ecological and recreational value of not only the Santa Monica Bay but all waterways in the region. Heal the Bay educates and empowers leaders and whole communities to use environmental health as a bridge to community health. As a past President of Heal the Bay and a long time Board member, Mr. Boesch and the entire Boesch Law Group strongly support the goals of Heal the Bay.

“Heal the Bay is indebted to Phil Boesch for his leadership as President of the organization. Under his leadership, Heal the Bay continued to increase in size, scope of programs, and stature in the community. Phil was also instrumental in bringing new leadership on to our incredible Board of Directors.” – Heal the Bay Tribute Journal

“Heal the Bay’s strategic plan committee (led by Phil) asked for more public education and greater geographic outreach. To that end, Heal the Bay developed three major new programs under Phil’s tenure: an amazing web site, the Key program (targeting elementary school children throughout Los Angeles County), and the expansion of Heal the Bay Beach Report Card to nearly all of Southern California.” – Heal the Bay Tribute Journal

Phil wanted Heal the Bay to get more aggressive in the use of its membership to eliminate pollution. The organization responded by creating the Malibu Creek Street Team volunteer mentoring program, which has identified and mapped dozens of pollution sources and degraded habitats in the Malibu Creek Watershed. Volunteers monitor water quality in the watershed at least once per month. Another new volunteer program is Heal the Bay’s emergency response beach clean-up program.” – Heal the Bay Tribute Journal

from brentwood news

“Boesch is especially ardent about his work on behalf of children. Paul Petersen of A Minor Consideration, a non-profit organization for the support of former and current child actors, followed Boesch’s successful trial in the case of former “Different Strokes” television star Gary Coleman. ‘Every kid actor owes Boesch a debt of gratitude’, says Petersen. ‘He is concerned and up to speed on the surrounding issues of working children. He has more than I can count, given his time and treasure to the working kids in this town, and his handling of Gary Coleman in a very difficult place is the stuff of legends. He not only won the case, but he helped keep that young man together.’Boesch’s work with children extends beyond the field of show business. As a baseball coach in Pacific Palisades, Brentwood and the West LA Pony League, his team made the “World Series” finals four years in a row. He is even prouder, he says, of founding the Westside Breakers Soccer Club, the only soccer club for girls in the LA area.” – Brentwood News

Anna Nicole Smith


Lawyer Philip Boesch, after lengthy court proceedings and trial, obtained for Anna Nicole Smith the “Number One Judgment in the Nation” (US Law Weekly) for $475,000,000, and then after a second trial, Philip Boesch obtained a second judgment in the U.S. District Court for $89,000,000.


Anna Nicole died in 2007 of a medication overdose, less than a year after her son Daniel’s tragic death. Her young daughter and heir – Dannielynn – remains the beneficiary of Anna’s estate. Through these difficult years, Anna’s federal case against Pierce Marshall uniquely achieved two Supreme Court opinions: the first 5-4 opinion in Anna Nicole’s favor held that the Federal Courts had the proper jurisdiction to proceed to the Judgments that they rendered; years later, however, in a second 5-4 opinion, the Court held that a Texas state court Judgment, which had become final three weeks before the Federal District Court judge rendered his $89,000,000 Judgment in favor of Anna, should have “preclusive effect.”


The effect of the Texas judgment shall depend upon the Texas Court of Appeals, where the appeal from that Judgment is now active and pending. After the state Judgment was entered years ago, another party to the Texas case, J. Howard Marshall III – Pierce Marshall’s older brother – filed for bankruptcy, a proceeding that stayed the pending Appeal of the Texas Judgment for many years. With the recent conclusion of Howard’s bankruptcy proceeding, the Texas appeal is no longer stayed and may now proceed. The Brief on behalf of Anna’s Estate has been filed.

Click here for the case docket and Anna’s Brief.


After the second Supreme Court opinion, Judge Carter of the United States District Court entered an Order on May 29, 2012 to the effect that monetary sanctions should be considered to compensate Anna’s Estate for the actual damages it suffered due to a long list of litigation misconduct. After more hearings and briefings, in an order issued August 18, 2014, Judge Carter reiterated his previous findings that there was “considerable evidence showing the bad faith of Edwin Hunter and Pierce Marshall.” In describing the conduct that damaged Anna’s rights and her estate, Judge Carter noted: “The litigation record in this court and the Bankruptcy Court reflects litigants with a distinct disinterest in rules or ethics. Orders from this Court and the Bankruptcy Court detailed procedural and ethical violations, including: (1) Mr. Edwin Hunter’s testifying falsely; (2) attempting to manipulate a sitting federal judge and improperly use his position for personal gain; (3) backdating and altering documents; (4) egregiously deficient discovery responses; (5) improper and frivolous claims of privilege; (6) destroying documents; and (7) willfully disobeying court orders.”

Judge Carter stated that he was “not insensitive to the unfairness to the surviving persons interested in this litigation,” and he “is not immune to the equitable pleas from Vickie’s estate.” He noted too that, “It is tempting to invoke the broad doctrines of discretion, equity and inherent powers to follow the pull of one’s heart and one’s conscience.” However, he ultimately found that, “Although the Court has no doubt that there were litigious machinations… it is crucial that the mandate of the appellate courts be respected and preserved.” After a lengthy deliberation, Judge Carter concluded that an award of sanctions at this time in favor of Anna’s Estate would require factual findings he believed might be inconsistent with the Supreme Court’s holding that the Texas state judgment deserved “preclusive effect.” So, the pending appeal of that Texas judgment is likely the next development.


  • “Boesch Law Group obtains dismissal of defendant in the Michael Jackson wrongful death case.” –
  • Obtaining the Emmy Award for commercials
    Boesch wins the right as Special Counsel to the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
  • “Paul Petersen of a Minor Consideration, a nonprofit for the support of former and current child actors, followed Boesch’s successful trial in the case of ‘Different Strokes’ television star Gary Coleman. Says Petersen, ‘every kid actor owes Boesch a debt of gratitude. His handling of Gary Coleman in a very difficult place was the stuff of legends. He not only won the case, but he helped keep that young man together.’” -Brentwood News; Beverly Hills 90210; Bel-Air View
  • Counsel to talent, production and post production, network and cable channels, in contract negotiations and royalties, competition and intellectual property disputes.
  • “Some clients, especially those involved in highly public cases, choose the firm because of it’s media experience.” – Los Angeles Daily Journal
  • “Boesch is no stranger to the camera himself. He became a familiar face as an MSNBC analyst for the OJ Simpson trial and his expertise in entertainment industry matters frequently lands him spots on such shows as ‘Extra’ and ‘Insider Edition.’”
    -Brentwood News; Santa Monica Sun; Beverly Hills 90210, Westside Today
  • Featured Speaker – Beverly Hills Estate Planning Council – ‘Til Death Do You Part and Litigation Forever After’
  • “I want them as my lawyers.” Juror and insurance company claims representative, after trial and successful settlement for severely brain damaged plaintiff injured in a fall from a scaffold.
  • “The Number One Judgment in the United States”
    “The $475 Million Anna Nicole Verdict was a landmark victory against seemingly overwhelming odds for Los Angeles Attorney Philip Boesch.” – U. S. Lawyers Weekly
  • Representing four children whose mother was killed, Boesch obtained California State Record Judgment for wrongful death and was then Court-appointed guardian of the children’s estates.
  • “Boesch’s handling of Gary Coleman in a very difficult place was the stuff of legends. He not only won the case, but he helped keep that young man together.” - Paul Petersen, Brentwood News
  • When Your Name and Creativity Mean Everything to You, Trust Experience
  • “Although he guards his celebrity clients’ privacy carefully, the busy attorney made recording industry history when he won the rights to “Three Dog Night” as a protected trade name.”- Brentwood News; Santa Monica Sun; Bel-Air View; Beverly Hills 90210
  • “Negron responded to the outcome, saying his side was just ‘outlawyered’… Boesch did an unbelievable job convincing the arbitrator.”- Pollstar Magazine

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