Supporting Children



  • Recognized experts and advocates for children’s rights, the professionals of the Boesch Law Group have given back to children in many rewarding ways. Paul Petersen of A Minor Consideration, the leading advocacy group supporting working children, has said: “Every kid actor owes Boesch a debt of gratitude. He is concerned and up-to-speed on the surrounding issues of working children. He has more than I can count, given his time and treasure to the working kids in this town, and his handling of [Gary Coleman’s case] in a very difficult place is the stuff of legends.”
  • Mark Abdou is a founding director of PLAY LA; Michelle Wodynski founded the Wodynski Heart Foundation to promote heart health education in children and young athletes.
  • Supporting children formally and through non-profits, representing children’s rights in Coogan Law matters, Philip W. Boesch, Jr. served on the Board of Directors for the Youth Rescue Fund, and served for many years as a court-appointed guardian of children’s estates and has appeared before the Screen Actors Guild as a presented expert on children’s rights and issues.
  • Philip W. Boesch, Jr. served on the Board of Trustees for Wildwood School, drafting that school’s first strategic plan for the creation of its highly successful upper school.
  • After coaching hundreds of boys and girls in baseball and soccer, Philip W. Boesch, Jr. founded The Westside Breakers, now the preeminent soccer club for girls in Los Angeles.
  • We take great pride in John Staser’s participation in Santa Monica’s annual Pedal on the Pier to benefit the Harold Robinson Foundation. The foundation provides a life-enriching, all-expenses paid summer camp experience to underprivileged kids.
  • Jessica Olmon is a wish-granting volunteer for Make-A-Wish Foundation. Steven Valencia creates books on tape for blind students and has served Disabled Student Services as a Reader. Danielle Montero held the position of Rotaract Chair organizing the Special Olympics.


The Boesch Law Group gives back.


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