Serving Healthcare and the Homeless

The Boesch Law Group successfully represented Consejo de Latinos Unidos, the non-profit providing urgent medical care for those who have no other option.

The Boesch Law Group has assisted Bet Tzedek, a non-profit organization that provides free, comprehensive legal services for low-income individuals and families in Los Angeles.

Volunteering is our culture of commitment.

Winning test cases for the uninsured.

Whether making headlines or serving one meal at a time, the Boesch Law Group gives back to help uninsured patients and the homeless.

Asked by the non-profit Consejo de Latinos Unidos to serve as its lead counsel, the Boesch Law Group set legal precedent in benefiting uninsured low-income patients.

In fourteen test cases, Philip Boesch and Larry Jackson of the Boesch Law Group argued that the substantially greater charges to uninsured patients, than insured patients, constituted an unfair business practice. The Boesch Law Group and its clients were credited by The Wall Street Journal with “a big win,” after compelling one of the nation’s largest hospital chains to enter “a compact” with uninsured patients, reducing the disparity in charges between insured and uninsured patients.

Annie Ksadzhikyan volunteers every year at Westside Thanksgiving Dinner & Celebration and Andre Gagne and Steve Valencia regularly feed the homeless through Adopt-a-Block at the Angeles Temple and Union Station Homeless Services. Rachel Shanni was a Big Sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America for over five years and still participates in their charity events. Danielle Montero is a consistent contributor to Rising International, selling handmade goods made by some of the world’s poorest women while Larry Jackson, Michelle Wodynski and the Boesch Law Group provide pro bono legal services through the legal clinic of People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) and through Bet Tzedek Legal Services.

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