Anna Nicole Smith

The Number One Judgment in the United States

  • With a paucity of direct evidence…Boesch decided to present to the court a steady accretion of circumstantial evidence – hundreds of peripheral documents and hours of testimony that would gradually erode [the other side’s] initial advantage.”
    U.S. Lawyers Weekly
  • “In the end – after months of discovery and depositions and seven days of trial –Boesch’s strategy paid off.”
    U.S. Lawyers Weekly
  • One Against A Billion – Anna’s Daughter Dannielynn
    The Equalizer, March 2007
  • Read the Facts Decided in Court, Not the PR Spin:
    U.S. Supreme Court Opinion
    6/23/11, in Anna’s favor reinstating Judge Carter’s Judgment.
  • U.S. Supreme Court Opinion
    5/1/06, in Anna’s favor reinstating Judge Carter’s Judgment.
  • Hon. Samuel Bufford
    Judgment, dated 12/29/00, awarding in excess of $474 Million.
  • Hon.David Carter
    Findings of Fact and Judgment, 3/7/02, awarding in excess of $88 Million.


Philip W. Boesch, Jr. obtained the “Number One Judgment in the Nation”, according to U.S. Law Weekly, for $475 million, and then the Judgment by Judge David O. Carter in the United States District Court for $89 million.

In its article on March 4, 2013 following the case, Forbes Magazine wrote:

“In a March, 2012 hearing, Carter sounded just as mad..’I’m having difficulty backing away from what I think is egregious conduct,’ Carter said. ‘If I was going to impose a sanction, it would range from a small amount up to $49 million.’

“Los Angeles celebrity lawyer Philip W. Boesch, Jr. represented Vickie Lynn and now represents her daughter Dannielynn. He said he can’t predict the outcome, but ‘Judge Carter made strong statements on the record.’ As for the seemingly endless nature of Marshall family litigation, which U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts likened to the Dickens novel “Bleak House,“ Boesch only chuckled. “When I started, I certainly didn’t expect it to be a life endeavor,“ he said.”

By Ann W. O’Neill – LA Times (source)September 28, 2000
Judge Awards Anna Nicole Smith $450
Million of Oil Estate

Court: Ruling that billionaire husband intended to take care of her after his death sets stage for Texas legal battle against stepson.
A federal bankruptcy judge in Los Angeles awarded Playboy pinup and Guess jeans model Anna Nicole Smith nearly $450 million on Wednesday, finding that she was deprived of the estate her late husband intended to leave her.
Judge Samuel L. Bufford ruled that Smith’s stepson deliberately interfered with her ability to inherit her share of an estimated $2-billion fortune amassed by the richest oilman in Texas. The judge also ruled that Smith was entitled to punitive damages to be calculated later. Bufford awarded Smith $449,754,134–the amount the stock rose in her late husband’s company, Koch Industries Inc., during their brief marriage. The ruling comes on the eve of a probate trial in Houston, pitting the 32-year-old Smith, also known as Vickie Lynn Marshall, against her 64-year-old stepson, E. Pierce Marshall. Jury selection already has begun, setting the stage for a Texas soap opera about the May-December romance between a comely dancer and a lonely billionaire. After J. Howard Marshall II saw Smith at Gigi’s, a Houston topless joint, she became “the light of his life”, according to testimony at a five-day trial in federal court last year.
“I think the most compelling evidence was the testimony that her husband loved her more than any other human being on the planet–to the point where he tried to adopt her and marry her at the same time,” said Smith’s lawyer, Philip W. Boesch, Jr.

Watch this video for a recap of the ruling from Entertainment Tonight :

Forbes Magazine March 4, 2013, by Daniel Fisher

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