Entertainment Litigation

Representation of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in successful lawsuit and arbitration to permit Emmy Awards to be given to commercials.

After three years of litigation between Lloyd’s of London, the insurers of Jackson’s “This Is It” tour, and Jackson’s estate, attorneys for the estate advised the court on January 15 that they have settled with the insurer over a $17.5 million insurance policy.
By: Annie K.

Won the musicians rights to “Three Dog Night” as a protected trade name.

Successful trial in the case of ‘Different Strokes’ television star Gary Coleman.

In the constantly changing landscape of the entertainment industry, as evolving technologies change the shape of the market, the Boesch Law Group protects our clients’ rights and provides full-service legal solutions for professionals and business in the entertainment industry.

The Boesch Law Group has won numerous judgments and settlements for both plaintiffs and defendants. With a long history and extensive expertise in rights protection, negotiation, and before Arbitration Panels and mediation, our Entertainment Litigation lawyers, when necessary make the strongest presentations in Court.

Areas of Expertise

As Entertainment Litigators, Boesch Law Group employs a successful and extraordinary team approach to developing legal and business solutions for our clients. We are problem solvers and work closely with entertainment transactional attorneys, personal managers and accountants. We specialize in litigation avoidance, and act as first responders to problems of all types that confront entertainment, media and technology companies.

We handle a wide variety of legal matters in all areas of entertainment and interactive media for talent and production companies, for agencies and managers and their clients, from entrepreneurs through pre-production, post-production, distribution, and creative negotiations and lawsuits. Our Entertainment Litigators’ negotiations explore creative paths to acquire, preserve, and exploit intellectual property, copyrights, ideas and creative work product, then protect and defend them on behalf of our clients.

We prosecute and defend cases for a select clientele of companies, actors, directors, producers, screenwriters, composers, recording artists, authors, publishers, producers, financiers, and distributors in all areas of the entertainment industry, from digital media to television, film, cable, music and literary publishing.

When your name and creativity mean everything to you, trust experience.

making history
“Although he guards his celebrity clients’ privacy carefully, the busy attorney made recording industry history when he won the rights to “Three Dog Night” as a protected trade name.” – Westside Today “Negron responded to the outcome, saying his side was just ‘outlawyered’…Boesch did an unbelievable job convincing the arbitrator.” – Pollstar Magazine
building the digital studio
Through strong representation, negotiation and lawsuits, our Entertainment Litigation lawyers help entrepreneurs and entertainment companies, producers, talent and technology companies, by protecting their intellectual property, copyrights, ideas and creative work product.
Talent and Agency Disputes
Who decides whether a personal manager is or is not acting as an unlicensed talent agent? Philip W. Boesch, Jr. was the selected Arbitrator who confirmed the arbitrability of talent and agency disputes, in a case where the principle was affirmed by decision of the United States Supreme Court. Preston v. Ferrer (2008), 552 U.S. 346.
heal the bay
As President of Heal the Bay, Philip W. Boesch, Jr. presenting to honoree Dustin Hoffman


Representative Matters

  • Won numerous judgments and settlements for production companies, management, networks, entrepreneurs and talent involved defense and prosecution of creative rights, talent management, television and film syndication, contracts and contract breach, and net profits accounting for books, films and television series.
  • Won numerous judgments and settlements in prosecution and defense of copyright infringement and theft of idea cases involving books, business, catalogs, software, literary rights, implied in law contracts, music catalogs, motion picture and television production, trademarks, manufacturing of consumer products, formulas, formats and designs.
  • Won numerous judgments and settlements of name and likeliness, privacy, defamation and trade names involving consumer products and endorsements from restaurant chains, to celebrities and rock bands.
  • Negotiated talent agreements for and counseled numerous production companies, networks, talents, parents and representatives regarding contract approval for minors, Coogan Act, children’s rights, set asides and work issues.
  • Counseled numerous businesses and entrepreneurs regarding new media, growth, contract and opportunities.
  • Counseled numerous producers and talent regarding rights management, protection of rights and transfers of intellectual property.
  • Successfully assisted numerous artists, authors and creators in the development and distribution of content.
  • Successfully completed numerous introductions, negotiations, operating agreements and contracts for partnerships, LLCs, corporations and joint ventures.
  • Successfully negotiated and completed exit agreements, buyouts, non-competition agreements and dissolutions of businesses, production companies, corporations and partnerships.
  • Provides complete estate planning service.

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