Alternative Dispute Resolution

What is the Best Way To Resolve a Dispute?

Alternative Dispute Resolution is a means to resolve any issues without going to court. Whether ADR is referred to as mediation, arbitration, or negotiation, all clients should know that ADR can be available at any time in the life of a dispute. During the business litigation process, settlement may be easier to achieve before the parties have had to deal with the expense of trial. When dealing with insurance companies, this can result in a higher award to an injured party since the insurance companies haven’t incurred additional court costs and attorneys’ fees. ADR is also a faster alternative to trial. When it used to take a few years to get through a court proceeding and to trial, now with a pandemic backlog, more than five years is required for most trials to be completed.

The Boesch Law Group business & commercial litigation attorneys are experienced in finding and negotiating the best possible outcome for our clients. ADR provides that solution in a shorter and less expensive process than taking a case to trial. For decades, Boesch has served the American Arbitration Association as an Arbitrator on its Large Complex Case Panel and has been selected by more than 290 law firms to decide their disputes.


BLG brings to ADR the respect and reputation of a true decision-maker to help solve your dispute before you ever get to trial.

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