Employment Disputes

Teamwork is said to be one of the most important aspects of success. If everyone is coming together with a common goal, then the team can achieve greatness. Ask any championship sports team. When running a business, people hope they have similar success to a championship team, but sometimes employment disputes will occur.

What Causes an Employment or Labor Dispute?

Employment Disputes typically involve claims by an employee or former employee about an act of the employer – more specifically, claims can arise from termination, layoffs, demotions, and other conflicts. Where businesses are striving to achieve their own objectives, the added uncertainty and limited resources create pressure in an already competitive market.

When one of Los Angeles’ largest telecommunications companies, who was also a distributor for an international corporation, was terminated so that the manufacturer could take over distributions, hundreds of people faced losing their jobs. The business litigation team at the Boesch Law Group was able to win a large judgment on their behalf. Then, after the company was saved, BLG handled the sale of their interest in a multi-million-dollar acquisition.

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