Employment Disputes

It’s not uncommon for occasional disputes to arise between employees and employers at the workplace, regardless of the size or scope of the operation, and may arise in several different contexts. Compared to other states, California has one of the most broad, pro-employee protection laws in the United States. Both Federal and California laws prohibit discrimination in the workplace based on an employee’s “protected characteristics,” and under that umbrella in California that includes race, age, sex, religious creed, national origin, ancestry, medical condition, physical disability, sexual orientation, marital status, color, and mental disability.

Employment Disputes include but are not limited to:

Wage and Hour Disputes

Sexual Harassment

Breach of Contract

Severance and Employment Contract Issues

Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition Involving Employees

Wrongful Termination

Sick Leave Issues

Labor Code Violations

New employment dispute law Senate Bill 1241, effective January 1, 2017, added Section 925 to the Labor Code to restrain the ability of employers to require employees to litigate or arbitrate employment disputes (1) outside of California or (2) under the laws of another state. This new law does not affect employment agreements or contracts already in effect, and the only exception is where the employee was individually represented by a lawyer in negotiating an employment contract. This will be a pre-requisite to employment.

AB1676 prohibits employers from considering prior salary as the sole justification for any disparity in compensation. Employers are not prohibited from inquiring into prior salary history, but employers are prohibited from using that information to justify a wage differential between men and women or between persons of different race or ethnicity who perform substantially similar work.

The Boesch Law Group litigation lawyers have significant experience litigating all small business and corporate workplace disputes, and provides rigorous representation with our full knowledge of current employment laws. We understand that the importance of revolving your dispute in a timely, cost-effective manner.

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