Breach of Contract

Business Contracts & Agreements

Businesses run on agreements and contracts. The parties involved are bound by those contracts outlining who should do what and for how much. These business contracts can be written, or they can be verbal agreements. Sometimes, just the act of doing the job creates an implied contract. These contracts formalize an agreement between two or more parties. Contracts cover a broad range of matters, including the sale of goods, services, or real property, the building of a business, terms of employment, independent contractor relationship, or even how to settle a dispute. But sometimes, one of the parties to a contract doesn’t want to or can’t perform their part, which results in breach of contract. Then what can you do?

Contract Dispute Settlement

The Boesch Law Group’s expert breach of contract attorneys will evaluate contract disputes. When disagreements are irreconcilable or when the writings are uncertain or changed over time, or even when one party commits a breach of contract or fails to carry out what the contract states should be done, BLG can give prompt advice.

When a construction company took on the task of helping a couple renovate their dream home, the contract changed as new ideas were incorporated and dreams grew even bigger. Personal conversations led to design changes and additional work. When it came time to pay for the dream home’s construction, the situation became a nightmare and a construction breach of contract issue. The property owner refused to pay for anything outside of the original design because no written changes were made to the contract. The business & commercial litigation team at BLG was brought in by the construction company and was able to put the case to rest. The home was built, and the case was settled in favor of the construction company.

When you feel your contract is breached, trust experience to find a solution.

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