landmark cases

anna nicole smith

Representation of the actress and former Playmate of the Year in tort and estate-related litigation involving her late billionaire husband. Obtained judgments of $475 million and $89 million. After two appeals to the Supreme Court, the case is now under review by the Texas Appellate Court.

an emmy award

Representation of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in successful lawsuit and arbitration to permit Emmy Awards to be given to commercials.

changing healthcare

Filed coordinated lawsuits against hospital unfair business practice of charging poor uninsured patients 3 to 9 times more than HMO patients for the same service.

BLG turns back time

BLG turns back time fighting insurance companies and the medical board for stem cell research and hormone replacement therapy.

California Judges Association

Requested by California Judges' Association to write the Judges' Media Handbook on camera and media access to courtrooms.

AAA Large Complex Case Panel

One of a handful of Southern California trial lawyers to serve as an Arbitrator on the American Arbitration Association's Large Complex Case Panel.

Judgments with International Significance

Boesch Law Group wins important federal court appeal: A judgment of a court of the People's Republic of China shall not be enforced against an American company, see video (more).

Environmental Protection

Served as President of Heal the Bay, the environmental organization that was lead plaintiff in litigation that led to the multi-billion-dollar sewage treatment facility at Hyperion... and lead plaintiff in successful litigation against the EPA to enforce Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) requirements

Record Verdict

In one landmark case, after the death of their mother, Mr. Boesch was Court-appointed as guardian ad litem for four minor children and won for them a jury verdict insurance company counsel argued was so far above the state record for non-economic loss that it should be vacated. Instead, upon affirmation and payment of the verdict, Mr. Boesch was Court-appointed as guardian of the children's estates.

Wall Street Journal

Successful representation of Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal in successful litigation against all major oil companies to obtain access to sealed price fixing evidence, resulting in a Journal cover and a leading court opinion on media and public access to evidence.

Radio and Television News Association

Led successful intervention in numerous matters to establish the current routine of camera coverage in the courtroom.

Child Actors

Representation of numerous child actors, including trial and successful completion of claims by Gary Coleman.

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