Personal Injury Litigation


The Boesch Law Group has successfully litigated numerous serious brain injury and spinal injury cases.


The lawyers at the Boesch Law Group know how to present the best case to increase recovery for pain and suffering due to auto accidents involving serious injuries, disability, loss of earnings, long and painful recovery, even death.


After a strong court presentation, Mr. Boesch obtained a substantial seven-figure recovery for the death of a young man electrocuted overseas by a crockpot.

As Los Angeles personal injury attorneys, Philip W. Boesch, Jr. and the Boesch Law Group have a high rate of success handling many types of personal injury cases. Our personal injury litigation clients receive objective advice, innovative strategies to settle disputes, and aggressive representation in all phases of court proceedings.

Those looking for a reputable Los Angeles personal injury attorney refer their loved ones and clients to the Boesch Law Group for our superior track record, combining expertise in litigating cases with a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and goals.

Before many judges and arbitrators, the Boesch Law Group has won for plaintiffs and defendants, judgments and settlements, in all areas of personal injury litigation, involving serious personal injuries, wrongful death and property damage due to negligence, aviation disasters, floods, fires, landslides, professional negligence, premises liability, products liability, and accidents.

Referral Fees to Lawyers

  • Following Rule 2-200, the Boesch Law Group offers generous referral fees to referring attorneys, on a case by case basis up to twenty to thirty-five percent of all fees earned. We appreciate working with a client’s personal counsel, whether they wish to remain directly involved or whether they wish merely to be advised of the success and wisdom of their referral decision upon completion of the case.

Enhancing his reputation as an advocate with judges and arbitrators, Mr. Boesch has been retained by nearly two-hundred law firms as an arbitrator to decide their clients’ cases including personal injury arbitrations involving products liability, fault allocation, negligence, damages and disputes between insureds and insurers.

Representative Matters

  • Won numerous judgments and settlements for plaintiffs and defendants involving serious personal injuries and wrongful death due to motor vehicle accidents.
  • Won numerous judgments and settlements for plaintiffs and defendants involving serious personal injuries, wrongful death and property damage due to negligence, aviation disasters, floods, fire, landslides and professional negligence.
  • Won numerous judgments and settlements of products liability cases, involving responsibility for catastrophic injuries and wrongful death related to automobiles, fuses, explosives, tools, equipment, malfunctioning assembly line, malfunctioning garage door, scaffolding, exploding container, exploding crockpot and other defective parts and products.
  • Won numerous judgments and settlements for plaintiffs and defendants in premises liability cases, involving responsibility for wrongful death and serious injury due to fire, ski accident, security breach, murder, assault and battery and slip and fall.
  • Won numerous judgments and settlements involving serious injuries, from brain injury, loss of eyes and blindness, loss of limb, emotional distress, paralysis, fractures, scarring and back injury.
  • Representation of individuals dealing with personal tragedy and private disputes, from neighbors to NBA superstars.
  • Expertise in dealing with all phases of insurance coverage, insurance defense, and insurance company responsibility for the good faith handling of claims.

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