Construction Accidents

Shocking Construction Zone Accident Facts

Standing on the edge, multiple stories above the ground. The wind blows you back as you lean forward toward nothingness. You stand knowing that 14 people die every day from what you are about to do. It’s not base jumping or rock climbing. It’s not an extreme sport. It’s your job, and construction accidents have claimed the lives of over 5000 people a year.

Most construction injuries occur from the fatal four. Falls, being struck by object, electrocution, and being caught between objects, but other accidents may occur causing severe injury or death.

Diligent Representation for Injured Construction Workers

Our PI attorneys are experienced at carefully investigating construction zone accident cases in order to identify individuals and companies who may have acted negligently. The Boesch Law Group will diligently pursue fair compensation for our clients from all of possible sources.

The skilled attorneys at BLG have proven success in some of the most high-profile, public wrongful death cases and have the experience and resources to obtain fair and reasonable compensation for the surviving family members, who have suffered emotional and/or financial consequences due to a loved ones wrongful death.

We at BLG take pride in providing both compassionate and relentless personal injury representation for our clients, offering both exceptional service and proven results.

When putting your life at risk, is your job, let us keep you safe by doing ours.


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