Premises Liability

Understanding Premises Liability

Every child knows that nothing is better than birthdays, except maybe for birthdays and fun at an indoor adventure park. That is until an unfortunate injury becomes the wish you didn’t make.

If you suffer an injury on another person’s or business’s property, your right to recover is governed by well-established principles of premises liability. Premises liability is a broad legal term that refers to a property owner’s responsibility for the property’s condition, whether caused by building code violations, improper maintenance, failure of management, negligence or faulty design and construction, or failure to warn. In California, the “premises liability” laws place substantial responsibility on private property owners, whether residential or commercial, as well as public entities, to maintain and secure their properties in order to prevent injury. When an owner neglects to make reasonable efforts to keep the property safe, it can cause severe and debilitating personal injuries that could have been avoided.

Choosing Personal Injury Representation

When BLG defended a client who was injured on a trampoline, our skilled personal injury attorneys not only looked at how to serve our client best but what impact this injury would hold for the long-term abilities of this young dancer because the facility had failed to provide a safe experience. The Boesch Law Group team of Santa Monica attorneys has been successfully representing clients in premises liability cases ranging from a multi-million dollar recovery for a young man who fell from unsafe scaffolding to a professional golfer seriously injured in a parking lot, and for serious and catastrophic damages resulting from injuries at grocery stores, apartment garages, shopping center sidewalk, and bowling alleys.

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