Products Liability

Determining a Product Liability Claim

Going off to college can be an exciting thought for most children, but it can be a bit scary for parents.  You hope that your child will make friends and do well in class. You hope that they will have fun, learn skills to serve them later in life, and maybe fall in love. You never expect them to be seriously injured while cooking dinner, but that happened to a BLG client who died when the crockpot they were using exploded.

If a product you are using causes injury or death, you may have a case for a product liability claim. There are various theories of liability in product liability cases, and a complaint may include only one or a combination of theories. There are design defect cases where the product that caused the injury was designed in such a way that it caused the product to be unsafe. There are manufacturing defect cases where the product was designed safely, but something went wrong with the manufacturing process. There are failure to warn cases where the product would have been safe if it had been accompanied by sufficient warnings but was rendered unsafe because it was not. There are often related claims or defenses that the product failed because of improper maintenance or handling.

Products Liability Case Success

The skilled personal injury attorneys at BLG have won numerous product liability cases ranging from ecoli contamination that caused medical expenses and lost wages to death caused by exploding kitchen devices and defective garage doors that ended up taking a life. If you have been injured by a faulty product, then the Santa Monica lawyers at BLG can help you achieve the best results for your product liability claim.

When using a product that causes unexpected harm, we’ll return a verdict in your favor.


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