Boesch Law Group changes hospital unfair business practice of charging poor, uninsured patients three to nine times more than HMO patients for the same service.

Boesch Law Group turns back time in the battle for stem cell and hormone rejuvenation.

Boesch Law Group saves the life of a company following the deregulation of telecommunications.

Boesch Law Group obtains The Wall Street Journal cover and a leading court opinion on media and public access to evidence.


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In competitive markets where businesses constantly strive to achieve their own objectives, where uncertainty and limited resources add pressure, conflicts are inevitable. When one of Los Angeles’ largest telecommunications companies, a distributor for an international conglomerate, was terminated so the manufacturer could take over distributions, hundreds faced the loss of their jobs. With everything on the line, the owners turned to The Boesch Law Group. And when the dust settled, they had won a large judgment, and the company and all its jobs were saved. As the company’s business grew, with The Boesch Law Group acting as its general counsel, they received offers they could not refuse and sold the business in a multi-million dollar transaction handled by BLG that earned many millions for its owners. And as one owner’s family later suffered personal tragedy, The Boesch Law Group took care of them too, because here at The Boesch Law Group, clients are family.

From Once in a Lifetime Deals to Day-to-Day Contracts, We Know Business

The Wall Street Journal is the most widely-recognized, business journal, in the world. When the Wall Street Journal intervened against all major oil companies in a case brought by the Attorneys General of seven states, the Journal turned to Boesch. As reported later by LA’s legal newspaper,

“Boesch, representing The Wall Street Journal, successfully led the fight to open court documents in the highly-publicized antitrust suit filed by seven states and the City of Long Beach against 17 Oil Companies, including Mobile, Exxon, Texaco and Standard.” – Los Angeles Daily Journal

Whether Dealing with Negotiation or Breach, We Know Contracts

Contracts can be verbal, in writing, implied by the conduct of the parties. Rules govern when contracts must be in writing, when amendments and modifications can be written or oral, whether representations that induce contracts are enforceable or not. Business runs on agreements between competitors, suppliers, those working together and those agreeing to disagree. The Boesch Law Group is expert at evaluating and litigating contract disputes, saving and amending contracts where possible, and terminating or rescinding agreements where the business relationship must end. Third parties can be held liable for interfering with contracts, or interfering with prospective business relationships which are not supported by written contracts. In California the tort of wrongful interference with a prospective business advantage requires an understanding of contracts, contract clauses, dispute resolution provisions, integration clauses, scope of work provisions, and termination clauses. Whether consideration is adequate to support a contract, whether and how disputes are to be resolved, present challenges for a business whose survival may depend upon the expertise of counsel. The lawyers of The Boesch Law Group provide that expertise.

Our Los Angeles Business Law Attorneys have earned success, negotiating agreements and avoiding disputes, and when necessary, winning for plaintiffs and defendants numerous judgments and settlements in all areas of Business Litigation and Corporate Governance. With laser focus on the client’s business objectives, our lawyers prepare and execute cost-effective strategies that optimize the efficiency of our service. We counsel litigation avoidance, expert negotiation, alternative dispute resolution – but when conflicts require solutions in court, The Boesch Law Group has the track record of knowing how to get results.

The Boesch Law Group acts as counsel for complex business arrangements, production companies, communication concerns, service providers, internet companies, socially conscious technology companies, manufacturers, content publishers, distributors, entrepreneurs – providing winning representation relating to contractsunfair competitionemployment disputes, licensing agreements, intellectual propertyreal estate matterscorporate and partnership disputes.

Whether You Need Advice or Immediate Court Action, We Know Competition

Competition may be a natural foundation for private enterprise, but competition also can be unfair. When unfair business practices tilt the scales of justice, when a competitor threatens the, or if a business is accused or needs advice, The Boesch Law Group is here to help. Whether a court finds competition to be fair or unfair often depends upon the quality of the representation, in complex and evolving areas relating to unfair advertising, misleading advertising, marketing, internet and website marketing, theft of trade secrets, thefts of customers and/or employees, and whether information is confidential and proprietary or merely an idea that is as free as the air.

A fertile ground for litigation is where entrepreneurs break away from employers and take more with them than their personal pictures. What belongs to an employee and what does not, the line between free and fair competition, and unfair and wrongful interference, often depends upon expert legal guidance and advice. Litigation avoidance, navigating complex rules where there may not be bright-line answers, arriving at sensible resolution with difficult people, addressing complex legal concepts, The Boesch Law Group has decades of experience and success in negotiations, and in settlement and, when necessary, in persuasive court presentations.

Our Business Transaction Group Offers Expert Business Advice

Whether  you need cost-effective and tax-advantages strategies for capital or other major transactions, or advice in day-to-day operations, we have extensive experience in all types of aspects of business, corporate and commercial law including venture capital, crowdfunding, PIPE and other equity, debt and convertible debt investments.

Our background in commercial transactions covers all areas of IP protection, transfer, licensing, and strategic development agreements as well as commercial loans, secured (UCC) transactions, software and e-commerce and employment arrangements.

The team at The Boesch Law Group can handle all aspects of corporate governance and regulatory compliance whether that be structuring capital and other extraordinary transactions or advising directors and shareholders as to their fiduciary and other duties, meetings and relations. We can provide all your due diligence reviews and other corporate governance compliance  matters ranging from SEC and state securities law, Investment Company Act exemptions, Investment Advisor Act and franchise law compliance.

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