Intellectual Property Litigation

What is Intellectual Property?

In today’s world of fast-moving internet and social media marketing, technological advances have, in many ways, surpassed the law’s ability to keep up. In particular, concerns surrounding “unfair competition” and the theft of creative ideas have reached widespread proportions. When litigating a case that can take years to resolve, a competitor cannot only ruin your business but also tarnish the good name of your brand. Businesses and individuals alike rely heavily on the legal protection of their names, trademarks, slogans, and creative rights to promote their products and services.

How to Handle an IP Case

The business & commercial lawyers at BLG have the experience to effectively predict outcomes, negotiate, and generate solutions to help their clients avoid costly litigation. BLG’s professionals are experts in evaluating, prosecuting and defending intellectual property litigation, trade name disputes, trademark infringement cases, and unfair business practices. By taking a holistic approach to intellectual property disputes, BLG can help pursue settlement negotiations while actively protecting clients’ rights through court hearings and persuasive presentations.

BLG’s intellectual property litigation experience is reflected through its work as Special Counsel to the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences to protect the Emmy trademark as well as its success in protecting the trade name of the rock band Three Dog Night. BLG’s stellar reputation in the realm of intellectual property has garnered the firm’s representation with nationally recognized restaurants, software developers, music libraries, social network websites, marketing affiliates, writers, distribution studios, film stars, and singers.

When brand protection and the protection of your intellectual property is a top priority, trust reputation.

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