Intellectual Property Litigation

Intellectual Property Litigation – Overview

As intellectual property litigation lawyers in Los Angeles, the Boesch Law Group has shown a superior success rate in the handling of IP cases. The Boesch Law Group has won for plaintiffs and defendants numerous judgments and settlements in all areas of Intellectual Property.

Enhancing its reputation as top intellectual property attorneys and intellectual property litigation attorneys in Los Angeles, the Boesch Law Group continues to add to their growing list of accomplishments.

As special counsel to the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the Boesch Law Group prevailed at trial to obtain judgment protecting the Emmy ™ trademark and establishing the Emmy Award for Best Commercial.

prosecuting rip-offs and protecting creativity
Unfair competition and the rip-off of creative rights have reached epidemic proportions and technology has far surpassed the law’s ability to keep up. False advertising laws and state and federal statutes such as the CAN-SPAM Act, are tools that provide some guidance to lawyers and businesses, but it takes three years for a case interpreting a statute to wind its way from the filing of a complaint through discovery and trial to verdict, judgment, appeal, and finally to a written appellate opinion that can be cited as lawful “precedent.” Three years in the fast-moving world of internet marketing seems like a century of legal delay.To stay ahead, to accurately predict outcomes, to negotiate and recommend solutions that will work and be supported and sustained throughout litigation, and to avoid litigation, the Boesch Law Group protects creativity and intellectual property rights, prosecutes infringements, defends those accused of violations, provides guidance and direction for compliance, and negotiates settlement of disputes. The Boesch Law Group’s intellectual property litigation history is one of solving problems, and when necessary, we go to court. Effective litigation management, persuasive presentation and obtaining the decisions that end disputes, are hallmarks of our history.
building the digital studio
Protecting and licensing the latest technology.
Knowing marketing, defending marketing and protecting IP rights from unfair competition, the Boesch Law Group protects intellectual property in all types of industries. Business depends on the protection of names, trademarks, slogans and creative rights that have been developed often at great expense to promote products and services. Whether the competition is unfair or not, or an unfair business practice or not, and whether liability is imposed on a business, may depend upon the strategies and experience of the lawyers called upon to assist.The Boesch Law Group are experts at evaluating, prosecuting and defending intellectual property litigation, trade name disputes, trademark infringement cases, and unfair business practices. The Boesch Law Group is known for treating the health of the business, a holistic approach, so that intellectual property litigation and disputes do not take on lives of their own, so that common sense business solutions are ultimately achieved, whether before, during, or after, any number of court proceedings. The Boesch Law Group is expert at pursuing settlement and negotiation while at the same time vigorously prosecuting a client’s rights through successful court hearings and persuasive presentation.
establishing precedent
Boesch Law Group represents plaintiffs and defendants in all aspects of intellectual property litigation. In a landmark copyright defense case, the Boesch Law Group was retained by insurance interests to defend a catalog and to set precedent through trial, judgment, and appeal, in a case in which the Boesch Law Group not only won at trial, but recovered and collected all of its defense attorneys’ fees and costs.
copyright, trademark and trademark disputes
Our experienced trademark litigators file infringement lawsuits in both federal and state court to prevent your competitors from using your business name and trademarks on similar products by obtaining preliminary injunctions against infringers. We also defend against trademark infringement suits and have successfully used the trademark laws to evict cybersquatters and typosquatters.

Over thirty years of litigation and courtroom experience.
Numerous awards, honors and judgments.

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The Respect and Reputation of a Closer

Over 291 law firms have retained Philip W. Boesch, Jr. as arbitrator to decide their clients’ disputes.

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Representative Intellectual Property Matters

  • Won numerous judgments and settlements in intellectual property litigation, for production companies, management, networks, entrepreneurs and talent, involving defense and prosecution of creative rights, content ownership, television and film syndication, contracts and contract breach, and net profits accounting for films and television series, from cartoons to wrestling, reality to comedy and drama.
  • Won numerous judgments and settlements in prosecution and defense of intellectual property rights, trademarks, unfair competition and related business torts.
  • Won numerous judgments and settlements of copyright infringement and theft of idea cases for plaintiffs and defendants, involving books, business catalogs, software, screenplays, literary rights, implied in fact and implied in law contracts, music catalogs, motion picture and television production, manufacturing of consumer products, formulas, formats and designs.
  • Won numerous judgments and settlements in prosecution and defense of name and likeness, privacy, defamation and tradenames, involving consumer products and endorsements from restaurant chains, to celebrities and rock and roll bands
  • Counseled numerous businesses in rights management, protection, contract negotiation, idea and content development, non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality.
  • Enhancing the Boesch Law Group’s reputation in intellectual property rights management and advocacy, Mr. Boesch has been retained to decide numerous cases as an arbitrator including cases involving nationally known restaurants and investors over trademarks, tradenames, fiduciary duties and contract rights; Software development, design and defects; Music libraries and contracts involving music production, distribution, competition and royalties; Media and film productions, distribution, royalties, promotions, joint ventures, accounting and contracts; Social network website and marketing affiliates over rights and statutory remedies; Film stars and singers against producers and management over rights, names and likenesses; Dispute over distribution and intellectual property rights involving hit reality television show; Dispute between production company and studio involving distribution, new media rights, contract and royalties; Brand protection, copyright, name issues, and magazine titles.


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