Trademark and trade name infringement

Protecting Your Business’ Identity

“What is in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet.” As William Shakespeare penned these words, he clearly wasn’t thinking about the good people at the Rose Manure Company because their roses may not smell as sweet.

Tradename and trademarks are what help separate you from your competition. It is your business identity, and when you have worked hard to create a recognizable brand, you don’t want someone else using your name and reputation to sell their product. When the 60’s rock band Three Dog Night needed help, they didn’t turn to their bullfrog friend but to the attorneys at the Boesch Law Group, who were able to help to protect the band’s name from being used without their authorization.

A Holistic Approach to Resolving Disputes

We at BLG are experts in evaluating, prosecuting, and defending intellectual property litigation, trade name disputes, trademark infringement cases, and unfair business practices. By taking a holistic approach to intellectual property disputes, BLG can help pursue settlement negotiations while actively protecting clients’ rights through court hearings and persuasive presentations.

When your business name is at stake, let our experience bring joy to your world.


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