Corporate and Partnership Relationships

Because Mr. Boesch is an experienced arbitrator for more than twenty-five years, BLG often finds solutions that others miss.

The form may be different. The result is the same. You need top quality representation.

The best division of assets and liabilities requires the best counsel.

Respected as a lawyer’s lawyer, Philip W. Boesch, Jr. has represented lawyers and their law firms in some of the most high-profile law firm break-ups.

Areas of Expertise

In a fast-moving and competitive economy, it is the rare partnership or joint venture that lasts a lifetime. Contracts are rarely perfect; the more transactions and moving parts there are, the more conflicts there will be. Parties who join together in business often must seek divorce. Mobility is the norm, not the exception, for business relationships, partners, corporate executives, managers and employees.

With over forty years of experience, the Boesch Law Group has extensive experience handling corporate and partnership cases arising from control disputes, divergent goals and plans, withdrawal from or termination of partnerships, violation of non-compete agreements, breach of fiduciary duty, licensing disputes, loss of business opportunities, fraud, royalty disputes, injunctions, and interference with contractual relations. The Boesch Law Group has successfully litigated dissolution and accounting, and obtained settlements and judgments in a wide array of contexts and industries many times.

Taking the right steps to approach these disputes in the most efficient manner, tailoring strategies to fit unique client circumstances, whether in or out of court, the Boesch Law Group is expert at arranging reasonable exit strategies and buy-outs, obtaining monetary damages, litigating disputes among parties and dissolving business entities, and where necessary, dividing assets and liabilities. Minimizing the damage from a separation, enabling your clients to survive and thrive to the best of their abilities, making certain that the rights are enforced and respected, are challenges requiring the highest level of competent legal representation. The Boesch Law Group understands the building of business and the difficulties involved in litigating disputes when businesses of whatever form, (LLC, partnership, joint-venture, corporation), are divided and torn. Whether you are in litigation or seek to avoid it, do not hesitate to contact our office for expert consultation.


Representative Matters

  • Won numerous judgments and settlements involving shareholder and partnership lawsuits over breaches of contracts and fiduciary duties in numerous industries, including entertainment, law, accounting, automobiles, telecommunications and manufacturing.
  • Won numerous judgments and settlements in commercial cases involving acquisitions, asset sales, mergers, contract breach and covenants not to compete in businesses, from production to hotels and restaurants to toys, from phones and cars to real property.
  • Successfully handled hundreds of lawsuits, settlements, negotiations and litigation avoidance counseling, involving breaches of contracts in industries of all types, from retail consumer businesses to entertainment to manufacturing to real estate.



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