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It is not often that partnerships or joint ventures last a lifetime in a fast-moving and competitive economy. Business contracts are rarely perfect, and the more transactions and moving parts there are, the more conflicts there will be.

Taking the right steps to approach these conflicts in the most efficient manner is what the Boesch Law Group has been doing for over forty years. As experts at arranging reasonable exit strategies and buy-outs, obtaining monetary damages, litigating disputes among parties, and dissolving business entities, BLG will minimize the damage from separation and help you survive and thrive. BLG understands the building of business and the difficulties involved in litigating disputes when businesses are divided and torn. BLG has successfully taken action for a client who invested in a company where the partner decided to take the money and run. And just like in the song with that same name, BLG wasn’t going to let them escape justice, and after a multi-year chase, justice was served.

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