Unfair Competition

Playwright Neil Simon’s loveable mess Oscar Madison said it best, “Let’s just play cards. And please hold them up; I can’t see where I marked them.”

Unfair Circumstances Can Threaten Your Business

Some would say that having the upper hand in cards is just as important as having the upper hand in business, and people strive their whole careers to have that upper hand. Many work hard to be the best in their fields. Some ride the coattails of others’ success to make their place in business, but a few steal others’ success and use it as their own. This creates unfair competition in business. Competition can be lawful and encouraged by law as the natural foundation for private enterprise, but when competition becomes unfair, when unfair business practices tilt the scales of justice, when competitors or circumstances threaten the life of a business, or if a business is accused of unlawful competition, the experienced business attorneys at Boesch Law Group are there to help.

When Friendly Business Competition Goes Too Far

Disputes among competitors are commonplace over interference with customers, clients, employees, and sales. Commercial disputes that affect competition overpricing, contracts, supply, territories, or restrictions are just as common. When the disputes are over tactics, dirty tricks, and “unfair business practices,” then friendly competition is over.

When the owner of one of LA’s best-known companies found out that company officers started a competing business while still employed, BLG was brought in to handle the case. Pretending to be a sanctioned offshoot of a company, taking client lists and vendors with them, and stealing business in the process are unfair business practices, so BLG was brought in to handle the litigation.

When someone is playing with a marked deck, let us be the ace up your sleeve.


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