Unfair Competition

Strategizing and defending rights to lawful competition.

Saving the life of a distributor when a manufacturer wants to take over its own distribution.

Protecting the company’s growth from raiders.

Beating restraints on trade and hiring

In competitive markets where business and commercial entities perpetually strive to achieve their own individual objectives, conflicts are inevitable.

Disputes among competitors are commonplace, over interference with customers, clients, employees, and sales over tactics, dirty tricks and “unfair business practices.” Commercial disputes that affect competition over pricing, contracts, supply, territories, restrictions, are just as common.

To address these issues, there exist a tangle of codes, regulations, and case precedent. In each state and at the federal levels, a web from which lawyers and judges ascertain the legal standards for lawful competition. With over forty years of experience, the Boesch Law Group provides expert counsel and representation in all stages of litigation.

Competition can be lawful and encouraged by law as the natural foundation for private enterprise, but when competition becomes unfair, when unfair business practices tilt the scales of justice, when competitors or circumstances threaten the life of a business, or if a business is accused of unlawful competition, the Boesch Law Group is there to help.

Whether a court finds competition to be fair or unfair often depends upon the quality of the legal representation in complex and evolving areas relating to unfair advertising, misleading advertising, trademark protection, internet and website marketing, theft of trade secrets, thefts of customers and/or employees. Whether information is confidential and proprietary or merely an idea that is as free as the air may depend on the experience of your lawyer. What belongs to a business and what does not, the lines that must be drawn between free and fair competition, intellectual property ownership, and unfair and wrongful interference often depends upon expert legal guidance and advice.

The Boesch Law Group has decades of experience and success in litigation avoidance, navigating complex rules where there may not be hard line answers, and arriving at sensible resolution with difficult people addressing complex legal concepts. In persuasive court presentations when necessary, in negotiations, and in settlement, successful competition requires competent legal assistance. To inquire further regarding a specific matter, do not hesitate to contact the Boesch Law Group for expert consultation


Representative Matters

  • Won for plaintiffs and defendants numerous judgments and settlements involving intellectual property, trade secrets, unfair competition, unfair business practices, passing off, trademark infringements and related business torts.
  • Won numerous judgments and settlements in commercial cases involving acquisitions, asset sales, mergers, contract breach and covenants not to compete in businesses, from production to hotels and restaurants to toys, from phones and cars to real property.
  • Won numerous judgments and settlements involving the distribution of products and services, from newspapers to telecommunications equipment, from oil filters to advertising.
  • Successfully handled hundreds of lawsuits, settlements, negotiations and litigation avoidance counseling, involving breaches of contracts in industries of all types, from retail consumer businesses to entertainment to manufacturing to real estate




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