Supporting Children



  • Recognized experts and advocates for children’s rights, the professionals of the Boesch Law Group have given back to children in many rewarding ways. Paul Petersen of A Minor Consideration, the leading advocacy group supporting working children, has said: “Every kid actor owes Boesch a debt of gratitude. He is concerned and up-to-speed on the surrounding issues of working children. He has more than I can count, given his time and treasure to the working kids in this town, and his handling of [Gary Coleman’s case] in a very difficult place is the stuff of legends.”
  • Mark Abdou is a founding director of PLAY LA; Michelle Wodynski founded the Wodynski Heart Foundation to promote heart health education in children and young athletes.
  • Supporting children formally and through non-profits, representing children’s rights in Coogan Law matters, Philip W. Boesch, Jr. served on the Board of Directors for the Youth Rescue Fund, and served for many years as a court-appointed guardian of children’s estates and has appeared before the Screen Actors Guild as a presented expert on children’s rights and issues.
  • Philip W. Boesch, Jr. served on the Board of Trustees for Wildwood School, drafting that school’s first strategic plan for the creation of its highly successful upper school.
  • After coaching hundreds of boys and girls in baseball and soccer, Philip W. Boesch, Jr. founded The Westside Breakers, now the preeminent soccer club for girls in Los Angeles.
  • We take great pride in John Staser’s participation in Santa Monica’s annual Pedal on the Pier to benefit the Harold Robinson Foundation. The foundation provides a life-enriching, all-expenses paid summer camp experience to underprivileged kids.
  • Rachel Shanni was a Big Sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America for over five years and still participates in their charity events. Valencia creates books on tape for blind students and has served Disabled Student Services as a Reader. Danielle Montero held the position of Rotaract Chair organizing the Special Olympics.


The Boesch Law Group gives back.


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