Mr. Winfield specializes in media and the creation of digital assets for use both inside and outside of the court room. Mr. Winfield has a background in litigation and possesses over 17 years of experience assisting attorneys and preparing them for trial. He has over 2500 hours of in court time, running the court presentation system and assisting the attorneys in trial, and has been involved in every aspect of litigation, from the initial strategy meetings, witness prep, trial, and post-trial activities. Mr. Winfield has presented discussions on Transmedia Storytelling and Trial Media to the Legal Secretaries Association as well as leading workshops on digital media and the Power of Media Presentations in the Court Room. Mr. Winfield holds a Master’s Degree in Media Psychology and Social Change and has a background in digital media and design. His work has been utilized in multiple lawsuits, yielding settlements of over $100 million.


Fielding University (MA Medial Psychology and Social Change); University of Southern California (BA Theatre)

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