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The Boesch Law Group has celebrated more than two decades of achievement by merging large law firm skills and expertise with the personal attention of a small firm where goals are measured by client success. Our clients have included Judges, Heads of State, prominent lawyers, business leaders, and winners of Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, Golden Mike Awards, Clio Awards, NBA Championships, and NBA MVP Awards, NHL Championships and NHL MVP Awards, World Boxing Titles, Olympic Gold Medals, Thea Awards for Themed Entertainment, and many other awards, and multiples of each. Unrelenting focus upon our clients’ success has been our law firm’s foundation.

Whether your issues are related to business law, estate litigation, entertainment law, or personal injury, we solve problems; we close disputes with or without litigation; we build businesses and solutions. And in order to maintain the highest rankings awarded to our service, we must be and are very selective in our commitments. Becoming a client of our firm is very important to us.

We at BLG know that success is measured not only by what you do but by the legacy you leave. We believe that our stewardship of others and corporate social responsibility doesn’t end when we leave the courtroom or the office. It encompasses everything that we do. The team at BLG constantly positions themselves to give back to our world and communities. BLG is active in protecting the environment for future generations, but we are also aware of the daily issues that need our attention. Whether it is our involvement in helping the homeless, the underdog, the sick, or our four-legged friends, we take our position to champion injustice seriously. We take to heart our commitment to protect you, your business, and your loved ones, through thick and thin, through good times and bad, through life and death. When you need a champion by your side, we’re here for you.

We’re here for you.

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