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With new and expanding platforms sweeping through cyberspace faster than the click of a mouse, the arena of disputes in the digital world is rapidly expanding as well. BLG, located in the heart of “Silicon Beach”, is a respected leader in the realm of social media law and technology related disputes. Since its creation in the early 2000’s, social media has integrated itself into the mainstream. It has become a personal tool of communication and connection as well as a business tool for marketing and growth. As the technology has advanced and more and more social media platforms have emerged, disputes and abuse of those social media platforms have also grown, and the help of a knowledgeable social media lawyer or influencer attorney is more essential than ever. 

When issues arise, you should have experienced help a phone call or message away. You will want to put your trust in a digital media firm that has that can help in any given situation. Whether you’re confronted with an issue, a violation or theft of your intellectual property, whether you’re dealing with defamation or slander on a social media site, whether you’re concerned with the management of your online reputation or your social media business interests in the influencer realm, or if you have concerns related to children’s rights in the digital landscape, then BLG has the skill set and experience to advise and assist you.  

We have worked with everyone from creative media companies to entrepreneurs and talent regarding issues of media growth, protection of rights, transfers of intellectual property, children’s rights and work issues, and cyber-bullying. 

When online presence and livelihood are threatened and you need protection, trust excellence.


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