Anatomy of Copyright Infringement

The street artist Shepard Fairey once said, “The most important thing about intellectual property vs. creative expression is that copyright law was created not to stifle creativity but to encourage creativity.”

His sentiments are exactly correct. Copyright laws are there to protect the creative endeavor from being harmed, and in today’s digital world, that has become more difficult. With a camera in every pocket and social media marketing, it is very easy to have your work used without permission or compensation.

A thicket of federal and state laws and administrative rules and regulations attempt to govern digital media. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DCMA”), enacted in 1998, was designed to protect against the infringement of copyrighted works. The DCMA goes beyond criminalizing copyright infringement itself. It also makes it illegal to produce and disseminate technology, devices, or services that allow unauthorized access to copyrighted works.

Copyright Law Competency & Integrity

Whether you are looking to protect your digital art, new digital media technology, defend your rights to free speech and self-expression or guard the integrity of your commercial internet website, then you need competent entertainment lawyers who are aware of the developing and ever-changing federal and state laws that regulate the digital domain.

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