Children's Rights

Child Rights & the Entertainment Industry

As a kid growing up, there was always something special about seeing someone my age on the TV or movie screen. I could imagine that the character was myself or a peer who I could learn from. These child actors and actresses seemed to stand up against all the bad guys that Hollywood could throw their way. But sometimes, the bad guys weren’t on the screen.

From Corey Feldman to Macaulay Culkin, from Gary Coleman to Leann Rimes, child performers are taken advantage of by their families and their representation. When you are a minor, you rely on others to look out for your well-being, but in certain situations, the financial control given to a guardian can cloud the view of what is best and for whom.

When Entertainment is Your Business, You Shouldn’t be Treated Like a Child

As Entertainment Litigators, the Boesch Law Group employs a successful and extraordinary team approach to developing legal and business solutions for our clients. We are problem solvers who work closely with entertainment transactional attorneys, personal managers, and accountants. We specialize in litigation avoidance and act as first responders to problems of all types that confront entertainment, media, and technology companies. BLG was able to successfully litigate for the child actor from the Different Strokes when he needed help getting control of his financial affairs.

Just because you play a kid on TV, doesn’t mean you should be treated like one.


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