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Paul Newman once said that to be an actor, you have to be a child. And if that statement is correct, then every day Los Angeles is treated to a bus full of new children. With the number of wide eyed hopefuls coming to fulfill their dreams of stardom, they will need a parent. That’s where talent agents and managers come in. The mythical representation that will guide the young actor to stardom or ruin.

Agents and managers both have specific and different jobs when it comes to talent. Agents will get you the job opportunity, but managers will help you get the job. Both take a cut of your earnings, and specific rules govern both of their behavior. It is often important for clients and potential clients to understand who they are dealing with and the distinctions between talent agents and talent managers. Not understanding the different roles of a manager versus an agent can lead to misunderstandings and potential conflicts within an artist-agent or artist-manager relationship. That is why California’s Talent Agency Act requires anyone who solicits or procures artistic employment or engagements for artists to obtain a talent agency license.

Navigating the Talent Agency Act and responding to talent disputes requires an experienced and knowledgeable entertainment attorney who is intimately familiar with entertainment law. BLG has extensive entertainment experience advising clients how best to avoid disputes and assisting if such disputes arise. If you are a talent manager, talent agent, artist, or are otherwise involved in entertainment, you should contact us. We have the experience and the reputation for ensuring that you get a fair and just result.

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