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The Silicon Beach Law Firm

Google, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, Hulu, Riot Games, Amazon, Sony, and Apple, some of the biggest names in tech and entertainment, share with us at the Boesch Law Group their thriving presence in Silicon Beach.

Silicon Beach includes the businesses from Santa Monica through Venice to Playa Vista and east to Culver City, and much like Silicon Valley in the North, Silicon Beach has become the technology center of Southern California and the West. More than 500 tech and entertainment companies now reside here with us.

Over the last 10 years, Silicon Beach has grown to include power players and all the big names in tech and entertainment. As the Boesch Law Group has grown with and in Silicon Beach, to represent proudly growing and established businesses here, Silicon Beach now has its own Fest, its own film festival, and according to press from Loyola Marymount University, they proudly accept their identity as The University of Silicon Beach.

With expertise in tech, intellectual property, and entertainment-based issues, located in the heart of Silicon Beach as it has grown for 20 years, the Boesch Law Group proudly has represented and represents nationally-recognized businesses, and new businesses making their way, from software developers, music libraries, social network websites, marketing affiliates, writers, streamers, content distributors and creators, studios, film stars and performers, to the people and restaurants and service businesses that serve this economic hub. BLG’s professionals are and always have been in the middle of this exciting growth—and proud of BLG’s earned reputation as respected leaders in resolving tech, entertainment and internet-related disputes.