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Entertainment, Production and Post-Production with Rock Paper Scissors

Our business attorneys at the Boesch Law Group apply their expert understanding of the various facets of business in Hollywood when providing their insights to valued clients. As a well-respected creative editorial house known for its commercial work for such clients as BMW, HP, and Nike, Rock Paper Scissors edits for the world’s top directors and advertisers. Our deep-rooted business relationship with Rock Paper Scissors and its founders – Two-time Academy Award winning Angus Wall and Linda Carlson – in the capacity of legal counsel and business consultation is a proud example of our expert commitment to clients in this industry.

Building the Digital Studio

Protecting and licensing the latest technology, we help technology companies of all sizes to create and maintain value and advantage through the development, commercialization, licensing and protection of intellectual property. We represent a wide range of industries and technology verticals in all facets of software, e-commerce, telecommunications, and digital media.

Restaurant Development and the Baja Cantina

Studies show that twenty-seven percent of new restaurants close after only one year in business. This statistic shoots to a staggering sixty percent after only five years. As a brand and as the successful purveyors of fine food in Northern and Southern California, Baja Cantina has thrived for more than thirty years. With a successful relationship spanning over two decades, the Boesch Law Group’s consultation and development advice to the Baja Cantina has strongly supported the growth of this business.

New Media

With new and expanding platforms in social media and electronic databases, from Facebook to WikiLeaks, sweeping through cyberspace faster than the click of a mouse, the arena of disputes in the digital world is rapidly expanding as a result. The Boesch Law Group, located in the heart of “Silicon Beach” in Santa Monica, is a respected leader in the realm of new media law, e-commerce, cyberspace and internet matters, technology related disputes, trade secrets, contracts, warranties, and software.

Entertainment Design and Its Creative Genius Jeremy Railton

Jeremy Railton, Emmy-Award winning set designer and the creative genius and owner of Entertainment Design is doing amazing things in a wild part of the world, and where contracts and legal matters are concerned, Jeremy relies on the Boesch Law Group. Take a look at Jeremy’s recent and amazing creations in Singapore, “Crane Dance”

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