When David Killed Goliath

family disputes

By Philip W. Boesch, Jr Reprinted with permission – www.westsidetoday.com “David Steals Goliath’s Music.” A New York Times editorial weighs online music piracy. “David Versus Goliath.” – Business Week describes podcast wars. Under the heading “David and Goliath,” it’s Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Rosie on rightwingnews.com. Newsweek says Arabs on the street see America as Goliath. […]

The Sport of Headhunting

litigator selection process

By Philip W. Boesch, Jr. Reprinted with permission – www.westsidetoday.com Litigation is a nasty business, an expensive process which usually leaves the underdog deep under. But it is the system we have for ordinarily civilized people to resolve conflict, so as to come to a settlement no one is happy with. The first rule you […]

Underdog Justice™

underdog justice

By Philip W. Boesch, Jr. Reprinted with permission – www.westsidetoday.com Petra Hernandez, the bread-winning mother of four, was on her way to work along Route 144. Ten minutes later, state troopers sifted the remains of Petra’s head-on meet with a dozing truck driver. One minute Nga Li was minding her own business, turning left on Alvarado, […]

One Against a Billion

anna nicole smith

By Philip W. Boesch, JrReprinted with permission – www.westsidetoday.com A mind-numbingly tragic end – Start with the young beauty, out there in every sense, with the rich older man. Add the scandalous theft of oil billions by bribery and forgery. Mix in sensational front-page death with uninformed legal opinions. Finish with a baby girl whose […]