Defending the First Amendment

Establishing new case law, as longtime experts in First Amendment matters, the Boesch Law Group has tirelessly defended rights of free speech.


  • Philip W. Boesch, Jr. earned his First Amendment credentials in multiple cases in defense of the Los Angeles Times.
  • Philip W. Boesch, Jr. was retained by twenty-six of the twenty seven Southern California television news anchorpersons to argue the first California case permitting cameras in the courtroom.
  • At the request of Dow Jones, Boesch represented The Wall Street Journal in making new law on public access to sealed court documents in the oil company price fixing case.
  • For many years, Boesch served as counsel to the Radio and Television News Association, appearing numerous times on behalf of the press to obtain access to breaking headline stories.
  • At the request of the California Judges Association, Philip W. Boesch, Jr. authored three editions of the Association’s Judge’s Handbook for Media Access to the Courts.

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