Counter 18

$4,700,000 Jury Verdict and Judgment for fraud and breach of contract

Counter 17

$2,000,000 Recovery from union referral for injuries to union members.

Counter 16

$5,000,000 Judgment after trial, verdict or partial contingent fee. 

Counter 15

$2,500,000 Recovery for victim in mutli car crash. 

Counter 13

$480,000,000 Judgment after trial on high profile trust and estate case. 

Counter 12

$6,000,000 Recovery for accident victim. 

Counter 11

$0 Amount paid by BLG client sued in catastrophic accident case. 

Counter 10

$3,000,000 Recovery for plane crash victim. 

Counter 9

$1,500,000 Recovery for injury from defective garage door. 

Counter 8

$6,000,000 Recovery after trial, verdict, and Judgment for wrongful death in truck collision. 

Counter 7

$3,500,000 Recovery from plane crash. 

Counter 6

$89,000,000 Judgment after trial on high profile case.