Pedestrian Accidents

Every year, hundreds of pedestrians in Los Angeles are injured, disabled and killed by negligent drivers who put their own convenience ahead of the safety of others. These wrongdoers are legally accountable for their actions, and an experienced attorney can help.

At the Boesch Law Group, our Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyers pursue personal injury and wrongful death claims against negligent drivers in the greater Los Angeles area.

Our lead attorney, Philip W. Boesch Jr., has been practicing personal injury law in Los Angeles for more than thirty years. For a free consultation with a dedicated lawyer, contact us today.

Understanding the Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Los Angeles is the third largest city in the United States in terms of both auto and pedestrian traffic. Everyone has somewhere to be and wants to get there as quickly as possible. As a result, innocent pedestrians are constantly put in danger by people like:

* Car and truck drivers who are not familiar with driving in the city
* Cab drivers who are in a rush to get as many fares as possible
* Delivery trucks and scooters driven by people with deadlines to meet

Drivers in Los Angeles regularly weave in and out of traffic, back up without looking, pull their vehicles up on the curb, open their doors quickly, and take other dangerous risks that can ultimately put pedestrians in danger of serious and even fatal injuries.

Pedestrians take risks too, often jaywalking and crossing streets at red lights. But just because you are breaking a traffic rule does not give anyone else a license to hit you with a car or truck. Drivers are legally obligated to do whatever they can to avoid accidents.

Holding Negligent Drivers Legally Accountable

Our attorneys are experienced at pursuing personal injury claims for pedestrian accidents. We will demonstrate who was responsible for your accident and how much compensation you need in order to cover your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

If you have been injured at a dangerous intersection, the city of Los Angeles may be partly responsible. Either way, we will stand up for your rights and seek the monetary damages you deserve. Let us put our experience and passion to work for you.

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