Requested by California Judges Association

Camera and Media Access in Courtrooms

  • “Boesch, representing The Wall Street Journal, successfully led the fight to open court documents in the highly-publicized antitrust suit filed by seven states and the City of Long Beach against seventeen¬†oil companies, including Mobile, Exxon, Texaco and Standard.” – Los Angeles Daily Journal
  • In the highly publicized tradename dispute, “Negron responded to the outcome, saying his side was just ‘outlawyered’… Boesch did an unbelievable job convincing the arbitrator.” – Pollstar Magazine
  • “Philip Boesch has garnered his share of headlines, from his win against oil companies to his most recent $480 million judgement for model Anna Nicole Smith, deemed the “number one U.S. judgment for the year” 2000 by U.S. Lawyers Weekly.” – Brentwood News, Santa Monica Sun, Bel-Air View, Palisades, Malibu, Beverly Hills 90210
  • National Law Journal Best Defense Win of the Year – Michelle Vizurraga

Requested by California Judges Association to write the Judges’ Media Handbook on camera and media access to courtrooms.

For more about the The California Judges Association’s Media Handbook, please read The Courts and the News Media.

“Further connecting him to the electronic media, Boesch was retained by a group of twenty-six Los Angeles television news anchors to plead the case for allowing cameras in the courtroom. So effective was his case that he was asked to write the California Judges’ Media Handbook, and is in the process of completing the third edition on the subject.” Brentwood News; Santa Monica Sun

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