The Uncanny Threat: Unraveling the Dangers of AI in the Entertainment Industry

As the entertainment industry comes to a standstill with both the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Screen Actors Guild/ American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG/AFTRA) on strike over their collective bargaining agreements, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) remains fixed in their position that the unions are making […]

What is Undue Influence?

What is undue Influence? When a will, trust or a contract is made – and made against your rights or interests – there can be the question of whether that document was signed because of the influence of others. All people are subject to the influence of others, friends, family, professional advisors. “Influencers” are now […]

The Silicon Beach Law Firm

Google, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, Hulu, Riot Games, Amazon, Sony, and Apple, some of the biggest names in tech and entertainment, share with us at the Boesch Law Group their thriving presence in Silicon Beach. Silicon Beach includes the businesses from Santa Monica through Venice to Playa Vista and east to Culver City, and much like […]

The Business of Social Media Influencers

The Business of Social Media Influencers A Multi-billion Dollar Industry…and Growing The Boesch Law Group has handled and followed matters concerning the Talent Agencies ACT (TAA) for decades. Agents, managers, and influencers often have to struggle to reconcile the definition of “artist” under the TAA with the characteristics of the modern social media influencer.  The […]

Bankruptcy Planning & Asset Protection

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Unprecedented Times These are difficult times to do business. Business owners, all over the world, are assessing how to meet their obligations during times when others may not be able to meet theirs. Difficult choices need to be made and the cascading effect of debts that are remain unpaid are leaving many in the position […]

Protecting Your Business From COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

With the current situation of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) not only is personal safety of paramount concern, but also the safety of your business interests. As cities have shutdown from stay at home orders and restrictions on dining, shopping and entertainment continue, individuals and businesses are being directly affected, business owners are being faced with […]

Anna Nicole Smith – The 24 Year Case

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Even though Anna Nicole Smith (a/k/a Vickie Lynn Marshall), passed away more than ten years ago, her long and hard-fought battle for the inheritance promised to her by her late husband, oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II, continues on for the benefit of her estate, and her twelve-year-old daughter Dannielynn. How It All Started The […]

What Type of Communication Can Be Used During Litigation?

Communicate With Care Almost no form of communication is off-limits in the courtroom in the business setting, and employers and employees alike should be aware that anything they type or text may be used as evidence in a court of law. Indeed, the communication does not need to be an official document on company letterhead […]

Handling Litigation Publicly

The Court of Public Opinion In today’s age, where information is more accessible than ever and media-whether social or traditional-has a tremendous impact on people’s daily lives, litigation publicity and the “court of public opinion” are important considerations that must be addressed from the very beginning of a case. Whether the question is how to […]

What is the latest on your rights when someone interferes with an expected inheritance?

Recognizing Tortious Interference With Expected Inheritance When someone’s estate plan has been changed by wrongdoing, the affected party traditionally challenges the amended will or trust in the Probate Court. However, if there is no probate remedy that is available or adequate to address the harm, the alternative to probate litigation is a civil court complaint […]

New Supreme Court Ruling in Corporate Law

Favorable Tort Ruling for Corporations Recently the U.S. Supreme Court narrowed rules on where injury lawsuits may be filed in the country, which will favorably help corporations in the future. The recent ruling will put an end to the Legislature’s constant debate over tort reform, and will curb plaintiffs’ ability to “shop” for courts in […]