Henry VI became the King of England in 1422, and two months after he was crowned, Henry also became the King of France. Taking the rule of two countries was quite an impressive accomplishment considering Henry VI was only 8 months old when he was crowned King of England. To aid in the youngster’s decision-making, the English Parliament created a regency council to rule while Henry was a minor.

In our modern world, we are less concerned with helping a child make decisions for a county, but just like in the 1400s, we must be concerned for the child’s well-being who has no one in their family to help. In these cases, the court can create a guardianship.

Guardianships are when a judge, often in Probate Court, awards a responsible, capable adult the custody of a minor child, power over the child’s estate, or both. A guardian of the person is legally responsible for the child’s care and welfare when no parent is willing or able to do so. If a guardianship is needed, you will need an experienced estate lawyer to set it up and represent the estate’s guardian as there are very crucial laws and rules that must be followed by the guardian to protect the child’s assets. An experienced lawyer at the Boesch Law Group can make sure that the estate’s guardian does everything correctly.

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